Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Moving to Typepad

Well, I've been wanting to have a custom banner for a while now and after reading posts on Twopeas, I've started a new blog at Typepad. Susiescrapbooker.typepad.com - I just had to try it out. I don't want to give up my posts here, but I am going to move over there during the free trial and see how I like it! So if anyone is actually reading my blog, then I hope you'll come over there! At least check out my new banner! LOL! I've already started posting!

See ya over there!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Life is truly flying by!

So Cameron turned 13 last week! Wow! And all he wanted was a cell phone. So we got him one. Now maybe our home phone will not be ringing off the hook with girls calling him. LOL! What a time of life! I remember 13 - wearing matching CPO jackets with my best friend, Cindi! Going to Poplar Bluffs to cheer for our basketball team in a tournament! Hearing my 12-year-old cousin tell me about something called a "french kiss" where the boy stuck his tongue in your mouth - ewww gross! I had never heard about such a thing! And nothing sounded more disgusting. lol. Times were certainly different back then! Television and movies certainly did not go there!

Cameron asked me how old I was when I got my first cell phone. I said 46. He laughed. "Come on, Mom! Forty-six? Yeah, right." LOL! Yep, times have changed. And they're going to be changing even more for Cameron because he starts middle-school this year! A new chapter. Heady times, for sure. Ahhhh. Youth.

And so this morning when I walked out of the bedroom, Greyson sprung up from the computer and exclaimed "Mom, you've GOT to see this!" And he drags me to the bathroom and juts his chin out and says "LOOK!!!" with pride beaming from his eyes. I pulled down my glasses to get a better look (I don't have bifocals - yet) and there it was! No question about it. It was different. Definitely. Not like the peach fuzz on his lip. This was definitely a chin whisker. One. One single whisker. But definitely a whisker. About an eighth of an inch long and proudly sprouted right in the center of his chin. Well, his just couldn't contain himself. Every step of this process has been like this for Greyson. The first underarm hair. The peach fuzz on the lip. All of it. He rellishes it. He celebrates it. He points it out to anyone and everyone that will listen. Ahhhh, yes. The sweet bird of youth!

I grew up with two sisters and no brothers so experiencing all these "boy" things has been a whole new experience for me. I'm so thankful for such blessings. So thankful.

So we had a mad storm blow through last night! Right when I left to go pick up Cameron's friend to stay overnight, Clyde called (on Cameron's new cell phone) to tell us that the power had just gone out. The wind was fierce and I could see a wall of dust headed our way. It was a little after 6:00 p.m. We hoped the electricity would be back on by the time we got home but it wasn't. And it was already getting warm.

It's amazing how quiet it is when there is no electricity. And it's amazing how quickly it gets HOT! Boy, you sure don't feel like doing anything when it's hot! Clyde said "I don't know how they did it in Arizona before electricity!" I couldn't agree more! While we were laying around sweating and waiting for the electricity to come back on I felt like the mutants in Arnold's movie Total Recall when they stopped pumping in the fresh air. Just laying there, sweating. At least we still had oxygen. The good thing is we all realized how much we take everything for granted! Good reality check!

So I've been reluctant to post on any threads regarding customer service, but I can't help but notice that designers seem to be feeling attacked. I don't know what is up with that but there must be something going on behind the scenes to cause the comments I've noticed lately. I've heard mention of customers expecting too much. Scares me even more to think I'm really working on jumping into it myself! Yikes!

I would just like to take a moment to mention one bit of wisdom I've learned time and time again over the years. You cannot control the actions of other people, only your own actions and your reaction to others.

Speaking of designing - I'm so excited because I've really been working on getting some stuff done! I've finished a bunch of stuff on one kit and I'm starting on another kit. Well, I started on it a long time ago, but I didn't get really far with it, so now I'm going to work on it full force.

At this point I'm working night and day on designing kits. I am constantly thinking about them, dreaming about them, researching ideas for them and on and on. It's fun though and I hope that I am able to do something that people will like. I am learning more every day about the programs I'm using and that's been great!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Poor Blog.

Wow! I haven't posted for almost a week. I guess I've been pretty busy designing stuff for my kits. I want to post some pics but I want to wait until I'm closer to the launch date. It's pretty scary because I just don't know if people are going to like my style or not and that's pretty intimidating. : )

So Big Brother started and there's another show Tuesday night. I haven't gotten the live feeds though. But I don't know how long I'll be able to hold out. LOL! I wish they had a few older cast members, but oh well. It might be an interesting season. I can't tell yet.

I guess I'm tired. I don't really have too much to say so I'll sign off for now.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The 4th

I forgot to write what we ended up doing on the 4th of July and since I'm kind of using this as a journal to record my thoughts and stuff so I can use them to scrapbook later, I thought I'd better get that down. (Another run-on....oh well.)

So we grilled hot dogs and ate potato chips and tortilla chips and guacamole. I never buy chips anymore, or I should say rarely, but again I'm still having the hormonal salt cravings so I indulged. Plus it was a holiday. Anyway, we did end up driving out to see the fireworks. We went out behind Desert Ridge Marketplace. If you park at the back of the parking lot there's a huge vacant desert area and beyond that is Rawhide where they were shooting off fireworks. Clyde had discovered it last year when he ran out to get something and saw all these people at the back of the parking lot.

It really was not as bad as I thought it would be. We got there about 8:30 or so and got a good seat. We backed the van in and opened the back and then we also brought some camping chairs. It really wasn't too hot. It was actually pleasant. And we saw three different displays. One over in Scottsdale, which was pretty far away but looked like they had some really good fireworks, and then two right next to each other. One was Rawhide and then one beyond Rawhide a ways. I had told Clyde that maybe we should try to get a little closer because they might seem small from farther away. He didn't think I had a point until the fireworks started and he was all like, "That's all the bigger they are? Hmmm.... maybe you were right." THANK YOU! They started out kind of small but there was some nice big ones before it was all over. And I was very proud that I had actually ventured out in the potential horrible heat and the kids liked it. I was relieved that the temperature wasn't bad. When I got back in the van I noted it was 94 degrees. It must have been close to 10 p.m. or so.

So it was a nice day. This is the first year that I've really felt like maybe we should think about a pool. Yeah, I know... how have we existed in Arizona without a pool in the summer? I have never felt comfortable about having a pool because I always had at least one baby or toddler. Jaiden is six now and I am not as paranoid as I have been the past (nearly) 14 years we've lived in Phoenix. Now I can see that it would be nice and since Jaiden is not a toddler anymore, maybe we'll start to think about the possiblity.

So now all that's left in the summer is to try to get ready for and make it to San Diego for a beachy getaway and then the annual school shopping for clothes and school supplies! That should take up the next five and a half weeks. This summer is going faster than any summer I can remember for a long time. I don't really know why. Maybe it doesn't seem quite as hot as it has been other summers, I don't know. I'm not aware of the statistics but it hasn't seemed too brutal to me, which is a very good thing. : )

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Big Brother Six

So Big Brother Six starts Thursday. I know that most people (including my husband) think these reality shows are a bunch of hooey, but I'm coming clean. I confess to getting caught up in the storylines of some of them. Not all, mind you. But some. Okay so I've watched it every year.

Not always three nights a week, mostly just the live Thurday shows where someone gets evicted. And okay well, an occasional live feed from time to time. Okay, I usually watch most of the episodes and depending on what's going on at the time I might be watching the live feed or reading Joker's Updates - where viewers constantly report on all the goings on via a minute by minute posts. Yeah, I know... no wonder I need to lose weight. ::::sigh::::

Anyhoo, they are calling it "The summer of secrets". I've read that one of the "twists" this year is that each of the houseguests is secretly paired up with another houseguest and if they keep the secret to the end and they are the last two houseguests, then the winner gets a million instead of the usual $500,000 and the runner-up gets $250,000 instead of the usual $50,000. Each secret team was told that they are the only secret team. Oh and they tore down the house from the first five seasons and have built a new two-story one on a CBS set.

If you're interested you can read about the details here. This will be the first year that I've had Tivo! So it will definitely be easier this year! I'll be tivoing it to watch at my leisure. Yeah, right - all my leisure while I'm trying to wrap my head around this website I'm designing. Haa!

I have started crocheting an afghan and I've been trying to do a little bit at night while I'm watching my tivoed shows before I fall asleep. I started three weeks ago (right after my birthday) and it's coming right along. I timed myself and it takes about 20 minutes for me to do one row. I figure it will take about 30 hours of work to complete it. I'd like to do one for each of the kids for Christmas, but we'll see. Ahem...

Today I've been working on putting my first kit into its "packaging". I still have some things to add, but I wanted to kind of get an idea about how it would look. I used all the papers and I finally had something I could show to Clyde and the kids and say "okay, here's what it will look like online." They like it! I was so glad! It kind of gave me a feeling of accomplishment to see it all put together - well, part of it put together at least. LOL! Can't wait to get it all done and get the website up and running and (hopefully) see someone make a page out of it. That would be a wonderful thing! :)

Monday, July 04, 2005

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Thanks Missy!

So here's one of the pics Missy took of Cameron at his dress rehearsal. He's the one dressed in black in the center. Thanks to Missy I have photos of his first performance! Thanks Missy! I can't wait to see the portrait pics we get in August! I'm still trying to talk Cameron into company but he really doesn't want to do ballet. I haven't convinced him that it is really good for improving balance and that coaches sometimes make their football players take ballet. I guess we'll see.

So I'm still working on my website. I'm trying to design my header and I thought I could get by using the design templates in the Webbuilder program at lunarpages, but I can't find one that is simple enough and I'm afraid I'm going to have to attempt to design the whole thing myself - yikes! Daunting task! The design isn't the problem but the other technical web stuff that goes along with it! Ah well, such is life, right? So here's the header I'm working on a the moment. I want something simple. I still haven't come up with the right tag line, though. I want something about postmodern or retro or something. If ya have any ideas, please share! Thanks!

{{Update : Well, I had the header uploaded right here, but Jussara thought that I should wait and uveil it when the website is launched so I guess I'll have to go with her idea.}}

I guess I'll try and work on some more papers for my digital kits. I am really nervous and I hope that someone will like them. Yikes! Okay back to work!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Been a few days

Working hard on my website. Got my domain names registered at godaddy and decided on lunarpages.com for hosting. Thank you to all the gals on Twopeas! Your vast reservoir of knowledge and your willingness to help others so freely have helped me immensely! I don't know what I'd do without such incredible resources!

So I tried changing the name servers on godaddy, but must have done something wrong cause it's been 3 days and it's only supposed to take no more than 48 hours. I tried it again today and I think (hope) it might've worked this time.

I have been battling some kind of cold or allergies or something. No fun. Stuffy, runny nose, sore throat. Yuk! Drains my energy - that's for sure.

Warning: Vent on Tom ahead!

So War of the Worlds was Tom's best opening day. I guess most people aren't as irritatedt with him as I. I've heard it's a good movie, but Clyde said he heard it was very violent. I do like Steven Speilberg and I love science fiction so I really would like to see it, but I'm just not in the mood to support Tom right now. He may even have some valid points worth discussion but his ATTITUDE is do condescending and arrogant that I am just really turned off. I mean, he's an ACTOR for goodness sakes! His ego has gotten as big as Oprah's and I've been kind of over her for quite a while now.

Warning: Vent on Oprah ahead!

I had some issues when she first started her magazine and she put herself (and only herself) on the cover of her magazine every month, year after year. But when she had this hoity toity "Legends" ball to honor all the important and notable black women on the planet, where it was mandatory that you had to wear ONLY black and white, and OPRAH wore a LIPSTICK RED ball gown - well, that was it for me. I know that's a run-on sentence but I had to get it all out in one 'breath'. So the whole Hermes thing was just another straw on the broken camel's back for me. I know the whole story isn't out yet, and I'm sure Oprah will dedicate an entire show to it to tell her side of the story and maybe I'm being premature and judgemental and I guess I am unfamiliar with a world where you EXPECT stores to just cater to your every whim and reopen 15 minutes after they've closed - but MAN! ( I know, another run-on - please forgive me.) Come on! She's a TALK-SHOW host for goodness sakes!

I hope I'm not being too judgemental or controversial, but I just felt the need to vent. I think it's hormonal. I am craving salt and sugar and breaking out on my face. I even have one on the back of my neck! Yuk! Hope that's not too much information! I'm emotional and just kind of I don't know - depressed - a bit. That's the thing with PMS - even though I know that is what I'm going though, I can't seem to deal with my emotions logically. I can't really stop my feelings. Then when my hormones go back to nornal I go back to my upbeat, positive, optimistic attitude. Wierd, really.

There was this great article about PMS in Women's Health magazine. The author said some of her best decisions have come during 'Aunt Flo's" visits. She broke up with a guy when she was in a bad relationship, she quit a a bad job and moved on to a better one.. I guess I've never thought about the ways PMS could be a good thing, but I know that I've gotten the gumption to do and say a bunch of stuff that needed to be done or said simply because I was all riled up on hormones! Of course there have been times I've over-reacted to situations too. Maybe I just need to look into some kind of hormonal cream or something.: )

My dilemma on 4th of July. First of all I grew up in Missouri, when it starts to cool off when the sun goes dowm and where everyone is outside shooting off fireworks or laying on a blanket watching a town firework display. I now live in Phoenix where it is still well over 100 degrees after 10:00 p.m. It has never been appealing to me to drive 45 minutes to one of the local firework displays, try to find a parking space and sit in 100 degree weather waiting for the fireworks only to fight the crowds getting out. I know - Scrooge - bah, humbug. Well the other thing is that I always had a small child that didn't really like the percussion of the explosions. Now, they are all pretty much old enough to not be afraid anymore. Maybe we'll try the one at Phoenix First Assembly. We've been there before. It's pretty close. Maybe it won't be too bad.

The other thing is that my father died on July 1, 1975. So since that time it's been hard for me to be in a celebratory mood at this time of year. Hard to believe he's been gone for 30 years. Such a great man, so honorable and so much integrity. I wish I had had more time with him. I have so many qestions I've needed to ask him over the years. I had just turned 18 when he died. So thankful I had those 18 years with him. I miss him so much.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

This & That!

Shout out to my good friend Kari, who just got out of the hospital yesterday after spending a couple days getting tests. She was rushed to the hospital is intense pain on Sunday night. She had her gall bladder out almost two years ago and she has had some complications from that. Anyway, they don't want her eating anything acidic for a month and then they'll do more tests. Poor Kari, she loves cooking and sauces and tomatoes and lemons and limes. But I know she can do it! You go girl!!

So I can't believe that it is already the end of June! Wow! Just six more weeks until school starts. It's actually going pretty fast. Jussara is already talking about how she is looking forward to it and they are all looking forward to getting new clothes! Yikes! LOL! Outfitting four kids for school is not cheap, but it is fun!

I am looking forward to heading to San Diego for a few days in July. We all need a break! Especially Clyde! He is working so hard and rarely gets any time away! I really need to make some reservations! Better get on that!

I've been working a little more on my kits. I've got to go ahead and settle on a host for my website. I hope to post my kit here soon just to see if there's any interest in it! Now I'm all paranoid that no one is going to be interested or want it! : ( Hope I'm wrong!


Sunday, June 26, 2005

Last night's performance

So just Clyde and I went to last night's performance. Cameron was more relaxed this time and seemed to enjoy it more! I can't wait to get the dvd. The whole thing was quite a culmination! It's not like sports where you have games regularly. This is the one performance for the whole year. I guess the company groups have competitions but for the recreational kids, this is pretty much IT! Kudos to Cam for such a good job! They dedicated this performance to Mario, Cameron's hip-hop and break-dancing teacher. He was diagnosed with and has been battling testicular cancer the past several months. He was there last night (he wasn't on Friday) and it was very moving. Our hearts and prayers go out to him and his family.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Cameron's Recital

It was very exciting! And Cam was only in two dances! The whole family went and loved it! It was a little long though and Jaiden had a bit of hard time during the middle. She was ready to go home. It was a long night for her. Waaay past her bedtime. It wasn't over until about 10:40 I think. So we were there for more than four hours.

I was so proud of Cameron! He is such a good dancer. I'd really like to see him go into company, but he really doesn't want to do ballet. I can't blame him, but I'd love to see him really expand his dancing skills. But we'll see. Maybe he'll change his mind. Too bad there isn't a school of krump in Phoenix. That's the next thing he wants to learn. He can't wait until Rize comes out in Phoenix. Dance is changing in many ways. It was interesting to see ballet performed to more rock and blues style songs. Very interesting to see traditional ballet moves combined with more hip moves. Fascinating.

I was amazed at how well they all did! How these little ones (and even the big ones) remember all these difference dances and all the steps - it was really amazing. It really brought back memories! And a kind of a sad one. I always wanted to be a dancer, but I was very small and I was told by someone - I can't even remember who now - that I was too short to ever be a dancer. And the saddest part is that somewhere deep inside it lodged within me and I never really even tried to pursue dance because I believed him. I thought that ALL dancers were tall. And this was even in spite of the fact that my parents were every encouraging and always told me I could do anything I put my mind to. They supported me thoroughly! I even got a got a scholarship to college for cheerleading and at that time we also did all the dance routines, but I just didn't think it was an option to pursue more. I've taken dance classes over the years from time to time, but after I started having children I just never got back into it. (Well, except for that dance troupe at my church when Cameron was a baby.) Maybe this will spark me to change that! Lose some weight and get in shape! I wonder if my body can do it. I've been watching "Dancing with the Stars" and I've always wanted to take ballroom dancing! I love all kinds of dance! Hmmmm... Thing is - how am I ever going to find time to develop my website, design digital kits, maintain my website, take care of my family, lose weight & get in shape, take dance classes and organize my home? Oh boy!

So Jussara loved the recital too and she wants to take dance lessons, but she's worried Cam won't want her to. He feels like dance is "his" thing and he wants it to stay that way! lol. I think that all our kids have rhythm and that they should all have the opportunity to express themselves physically in dance. It is one of the most liberating things you can do.

Oh, and I'm so excited because I saw Missy and she said that she got some really great pics of Cammie at dress rehearsal! So glad! Now I can scrapbook the whole event - which is a very big event in Cam's life!!! Thanks Missy!!!

On to other subjects...

I got three new magazines yesterday. I LOVE magazines! Home Storage and Organizing, domino - The shopping magazine for your home, and Women's Health. Can't wait until I have a chance to check them out! Like I have the time! I just need to organize my time better! Like right now, I am spending waaay to much time writing this post in my blog! lol! Gotta get ready for tonight's show anyway!!!

Later on...

Friday, June 24, 2005

Dance Recital

So last night was dress rehearsal for Cameron's recital. This is our first year and wow! I had no idea! Cameron didn't want me to stay but I ran into my friend Missy when I was dropping him off, so I ended up staying for the whole thing. Cameron was pretty bummed out when he found out because he wanted me to see it with everyone else tonight, but I think he got over it! It will be a surprise for the other four members of our family! It was really great and I can't wait to see it again tonight and tomorrow night!

I was soo grateful that my friend Missy took some pics of Cameron at the dress rehearsal! He didn't want me to stay and that was the only time I could have gotten photos of his performance! Thanks Missy!

This all started for us last year when Cameron went to see his friend Hunter's dance recital. Cameron loves dancing. He was already dancing at home all the time. He could do all the Usher moves to all his videos. So he asked if he could take breakdancing and hip-hop classes. So we enrolled him and he loved it! I think he would like to do company but he doesn't want to take ballet - it just isn't Cameron. So, we'll see.

I have a feeling when Jaiden sees the recital tonight and all the pretty dresses and tutus, she will want to take dance next year. She's always loved to dance and would move her head up and down to the music on commercials before she could sit up on her own. Now that she's six I think she should be in classes. We'll see what she thinks tonight.

I remember my recitals - now so many years ago. Modern Dance. Every time I see Bing Crosby's White Christmas where Danny Kaye does the modern dance number with everyone in the black leotards and Danny wearing a beret it makes me think of my dance classes. I remember one recital costume stood out because I felt like a princess. It was all frilly in these beautiful colors and we wore those tall pointed hats with the tulle or chiffon or something beautiful floating out of the top. It was magical. I remember being nervous and being up on stage in front of everyone - but boy was it exhilarating! Wow! And I was probably about Jaiden's age when I started. Jussara might even want to do it, but when we had her in dance several years ago, she quit because her friend quit. I shouldn't have let her but the teacher wasn't nice anyway and didn't have any patience and she just did not want to go any more. I guess we'll see about her too.

I've been researching the website stuff and it is pretty complicated. I should spend some time designing since I enjoy that so much! My friends at TwoPeas have been so helpful - I would just be lost without them! I so appreciate the time they take to help. I just hope that I can pull this off. I don't want to lose all my time working on the website and not getting to design! Maybe it won't be so bad after I get it set up! We'll see! Well, gotta take in Cameron's pants!


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Starting a Website

So I'm discovering how intimidating it can be to start your own website. Yikes! I am so thankful for Twopeas and the wealth of information that is shared on a daily basis. So nice to have an internet home where I can go and know that I will find answers to just about any question I could imagine!

I did get my domain names registered! I am very excited about that! Now I need to find hosting. I've been told that lunarpages is a good choice (thanks Holly) so I have been checking them out, but of course I feel kinda lost. Naturally I posted a question to the digitial board at 2Peas, so hopefully tomorrow I will get some helpful info! : ) I'm just not sure what size of website I should get and what kind of 'shopping cart' I should look into. I know one comes with lunarpages but I don't know if it is the best choice. I guess I could just dive in and find my way as I go, but I'd hate to make some huge mistake and regret it later. Ahh.... At the rate I'm going I'll be lucky if I'm 'live' (I think that's how you put it) by the end of the year! Gosh! I hope not! But it is a whole lot to learn. I've done a little html about six years ago for a pta website and I remember how long that puppy took me! LOL!!!

Well, we live and learn, eh? Plus there's the designing of the kits I need to get on with! Now THAT I enjoy!! I hope that I can bring something a little unique to the table. But who knows?! We'll see! Better get to work!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

What a guy!

Here's one of my favorite layouts of Clyde!

My children are so blessed to have such a wonderful, loving, strong, devoted father. As am I to have such a husband. And what an amazing man, who feels like every day is Father's Day and tells us so all the time. We've been so incredibly blessed with four wonderful children and we both know it and are grateful for them!

He doesn't like a lot of fuss and so it was a quiet day just spent together with our little family. I didn't even take a photo. Thank goodness for loving fathers and the legacy they leave for their children. Thank goodness for my Clyde. He is such an example for our boys. His guidance and wisdom is so reassuring to see. He is such a loving father to our girls, an example of what a husband and father should be.

I am constantly amazed at how hard he works to take care of our family of six.... at how patient he is with the children.... at how he never tires of watching cartoons and children's movies with them.... at how he makes special time for each of our four children.... at how he sets the example of a strong, hardworking, loving father - each and every day.

I love him so very, very much.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Queen for a Day!

So yesterday was my birthday! My 48th birthday! My party is going to be Saturday at Kari & Del's. We're just going to swim and grill out and have some dessert. But yesterday Kari called and wanted to take me out to lunch. So Kari and Teresa took me to Benihana! I have never been there. It was fun. We did have an 'experience' with our waitress, tho.

I wanted to try the sake. I've never had it before and I thought it would be fun to just try it. They had a sampler with three different sakes you could try for $12.00 so we were talking between us and we decided to order one and we could share all of them. Well, when the server brought it out she brought us three of the samplers! So that would have been three for each of us! $36.00 worth of sake! Just to taste it! I don't think so! So we explained to the server that we just wanted one of the samplers (which like I said had three sakes). I felt bad about the misunderstanding but our waitress could barely speak english so I'm sure it was hard for her. When the waitress came back (she was not the same one who served us the sake) she saw that we only had one sampler and she thought we needed two more and I said, oh no we only wanted one sampler. My goodness she got mad at us. Clearly. Mad. At us. Ooops!

After that when she did finally come around from time to time, we realized she really didn't understand much of what we were saying at all. Or maybe she just didn't care at that point. I felt bad for her, but she really seemed to take the whole thing very personally. She really didn't seem cut out for the whole waitress thing.

So I found out that straight sake is definitely NOT my thing. Good thing we didn't end up with $36.00 worth! But the martinis that we all got were very good. And they did have sake in them. But it's very different on it's own. I guess alcohol is like that. The filet they prepared was excellent. It was very flavorful and very tender. The chicken was good, but couldn't compare to the filet. I hadn't had sushimi for probably 15 years, and I just wanted to try some again. So Kari & I had the tuna and whitefish. With a little soy and ginger the tuna wasn't bad. I didn't care so much for the whitefish. Still, it wasn't as good as the sushimi I had years ago back in San Diego, which isn't surprising. Anywhere that's on the ocean I figure is gonna have fresher fish. And I do remember it being very, very fresh! But we did have a lot of fun and it was a very nice lunch, but it wasn't very filling so we headed over to Tommy Bahamas.

I love Tommy Bahama style. I mean my husband is from the Caribbean. We met in St. Thomas. I love the Caribbean. Tommy Bahama is caribbean plantation style all the way. So the atmosphere is already great. The goat cheese appetizer is sooo good. And the peach cobbler dessert was pretty good. But I was disappointed in the drinks this time. They are usually very good, but this time they weren't so great. Kari's lemon drop was incredibly sour, tart and bitter - even with a sugar rim. And my tropical twist was very strong. I couldn't drink it. Teresa squeezed her juicy pineapple wedge into hers and added some raw sugar and that helped but Kari and I had to send ours back. I hate to do that and I normally never do that, but I just couldn't drink it. I think they must have had a new bartender or something. I got a mango martini than was better than the first but still not outstanding. Kari got a Pinot Grigio that she really liked. We had great conversation and a couple of really good belly laughs. You know the kind where you start to cry. It was fun! Expensive, but a lot of fun. I feel kind of bad when I'm being treated and it seems so expensive. But if you feel bad, then it kind of ruins the fun for the people who are treating you. So Kari said she knew I was going to have a hard time with it and she basically just wanted me to get over it! So I did!

Kari gave me a great card that I can't wait to scrapbook! Queen for a Day! It's a popup card! I'll take a pic and upload it to this post! It was so nice to spend the afternoon with two really good friends, good food, good drinks, good laughs and good conversation!!! A good 48th birthday!

Monday, June 13, 2005


So we got Jussara a "How to Knit" kit for her birthday (technically it was from Greyson). She had been fingerweaving for a couple of weeks and was asking for a lot of yarn for her birthday (which Cameron got her). I thought it would be a good idea to expand her skills since there's only so many things you can do with the fingerweaving. lol.

It has been many, many years since I've knitted. And even then I never really finished anything. I did finish an afghan that I crocheted in the seventies, but never knitted anything to completion. Of course after I started having my children, I never really found the time for it anymore.

But now that Jussara has turned 11, I figure it's time for her to start learning some of these skills! So I got out the book and I was really trying to go by the illustrations, but man... I couldn't seem to 'get it'! Well, I kept coming back to it again and again and lo and behold I FINALLY got down the knit stitch and the purl stitch! Granted it took all day - but we did it! And Jussara actually got it down too! I'm even thinking about knitting up some winter scarves for the family for Christmas!

If only I could knit and type at the same time! Heh heh!

Who am I talking to here?

Okay, this is the funny thing. Here I am typing into this blog on and off for a few months now and I haven't told anyone about it. So it's wierd to be talking to myself like this. In fact I just changed the name from Notes to Myself to An Inside Look! LOL!!!

I've been tempted to post on some of the TwoPeas threads asking for blogs, but haven't had the guts! What a chicken I am! LOL!!

Well, tomorrow is my birthday! Wow! Time sure flies! I can't believe I'll be 48! I remember almost 20 years ago when my aunt turned 50! Wow! It's sure is different when it happens to you! And it sure came around faster than I anticipated and the years just go faster and faster! It's truly amazing! I keep telling myself I'm going to get into shape before I turn 50! Well, I'd better get on it because it will probably take me that long! SOOOO many things to do every day, so little time, right?

Maybe in honor of my birthday I'll come out of my blogging closet!!! Tee Hee!

Off to post at twopeas!

Trying to post a photo!

Okay, last time I tried this (which was probably five months ago or so) I really couldn't get it figured out so I'm going to try again! Thought I'd post the graphic I've been drawing for the past two days!!! Here goes!

Hey! It worked! Alright!!! Sweet!


Anyone remember the "big-eyed" kids from the sixties? I had these two big framed paintings that my Aunt Ginger and my Uncle Ronnie brought me from Mexico. They were painted on black velvet and one was a girl and one was a boy. They had green outfits on. Their eyes were huge.

Anyway, I've been seeing these avatars all over the place that remind me of those. They are really cute and lots of people have them. So I decided to try my hand at drawing me! LOL! I drew a big round face and I took my current avatar and traced my lips and hair. I had to make my hair a little longer because that photo is over a year old. After fiddling for two days and a bunch of tweaking I now have a new avatar. It was so much fun to do! It's not as good as a lot that I've seen, but it'll do for me!

I love Adobe Illustrator! I drew most of it in Illustrator and then did a lot of the tweaking in Photoshop. They are such great programs. I really want to start designing fonts. I've wanted to do this for so long. Illustrator takes my scratchy little drawings and just smooths them out sooo wonderfully. I almost feel like an artist! Ha Ha!!!

I've always had a DESIRE to be an 'artist' but I've been more of a 'crafter' you know? I've always had the creative urge within me. After college I always considered myself a graphic 'designer' rather than a graphic 'artist' but Illustrator and Photoshop are so awesome that they take me farther than I ever thought I'd get on the 'artistic' end! LOL! And I am really only scratching the surface on them! I know they can do sooo much more! There's always so much more to learn with them!

Thank goodness my wonderful DH is being so understanding about the time I've been spending designing lately. He has been soooo supportive and I am so thankful for that! He works so hard to support our big ole family of six! I can't believe what a hard worker he is and it would be so wonderful if I could pull in a little extra income to supplement!

It's a really scary thing for me to actually start designing digital kits! You know, kinda putting yourself out there! What if nobody likes them? What if someone starts a thread making fun of or being critical of my designs? Or me? It could happen! Oh well, I guess that's the chance you take!

I am very excited about some of the papers I've been doing though and I really would LOVE to see what scrapbookers would do with them! THAT would be a very exciting thing so I'm just going to concentrate on that and not worry about anything else!

I am actually pretty intimidated about trying to start a website with downloads and stuff! I don't even know how to zip a file! The great thing is that there are so many helpful peas that are more than willing to share their knowledge that I know I can always ask for help! I'm just not a really FAST worker, so between designing kits and working on (and learning how to) design and run a website I have a feeling it will take a long time! Maybe I should get to work! Hee Hee!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2005


I've been wanting to design digital kits for a long time now. I actually started wanting to design traditional papers a couple years ago, but I never really pursued it. I was really wanting to do retro before it was being done but then a lot of companies started doing retro lines so I kind of gave up on the idea. Now that digital kits have gotten popular, I thought I might try my hand at it. I think it would be fun! And it would be a blast to see what other scrapbookers would do with my designs. It's great because there's no huge overhead to worry about like there would be with traditional products.

So I took the plunge and I have started on a few ideas. It's hard because I LOVE so many different styles of design and I am inspired by so many different things, but I wonder if anyone would want something I came up with. That would be awesome if they did. I guess I have a lot to figure out like how to zip the files and how people would download them! Surely I can get that information on the internet.

I am nervous but hopeful that I can come up with some fun stuff! I guess we'll see!!!!!

Jussara's Birthday

Well, Juju finally talked us into a "Castles N Coasters" birthday party. Yesterday she turned 11! So we took the whole family plus six of her girlfriends to the amusement park. She's wanted to go for the past few years but I was always hesitant because it can be pretty hot in June in Phoenix. We gave in this year and it was a good year to do it because it was a really nice day. There was a really nice breeze all day. It was only in the mid-90s. They rode the rides for four hours and then we had 45 minutes in the party room. She got lots of nice stuff and all the girls really had a lot of fun. Jaiden rode the kiddie rides and Clyde took her on the bumper boats. Greyson and Cameron went off on their own and rode rides. Everyone had a reate time. I was exhausted after it was all over. Samantha stayed all night. It was a good day. Ahhhhh.....

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Update on Cameron

Cameron ended up being out of school for an entire week. Poor guy! On Monday the doctor said he didn't have an ear infection but he did have pink eye (which I knew because his left eye was very red). So we got medicine for that. But by Wednesday he was still in great pain and Wednesday night his ear was killing him. So we took him back to the doctor and THEN he says he has an ear infection. It's been so long since any of our kids has had an ear infection, but I just knew that he had one. Mother's intuition. I just don't get doctors sometimes.

After we got the $79.00 prescription for Augmentin filled and Cameron started on it, he was better by the next morning. He was gaunt and sunken-eyed from the whole ordeal and had lost weight, which he really cannot afford. But by the weekend he was back to his onery self.

Of course as soon as Cameron started feeling better, Greyson started getting sick. His was just this incessant cough. So we took him to the doctor and got a good cough medicine. He missed two days of school but was able to start back yesterday.

There's nothing worse than having your children sick. It's so hard to see them suffer. And now that they are older, they just keep asking "why do I have to be sick?" Both Cameron and Greyson asked me the same thing. I'm just glad they are starting to feel better. I've talked to several other moms and they have said the same thing. This flu is lasting at least a week. And the kids are losing weight. It just goes from one to another in the household. I hope it stops with Grey.

Monday, April 25, 2005

It's no fun being sick!

It's Monday morning and it's been a long weekend for Cameron. He was fine on Thursday night. He was making plans for the weekend and seemed to be asking every 20 minutes if he would be able to go to a friend's house or to the mall or something. But Friday morning, when I made sausage and eggs and he didn't want to eat, I mistakenly thought he was mad about something. Poor Cameron, whenever something is wrong or he is upset it always "looks" like anger.

When pressed about not eating, he said he wasn't feeling well. But he got ready for school and never mentioned staying home. I took the kids to school and right as they were getting out of the van I had Cameron lean over and I felt his forehead. He did seem warm. So I told him if he wasn't feeling better to go to the nurse and if he had a fever, she would call me to come get him.

Well I hadn't been home more that 40 minutes when I got the call from the nurse that he had a low-grade temp. I said I'd be right over. When I went into the nurse's office to pick him up, he was trying to explain to the nurse why he didn't want to come home. He had PE that afternoon and he didn't want to miss it. We both explained he would be better off at home. There would be more PE classes.

I got him home and gave him some cold medicine and he laid down in his bed with a bowl and proceeded to throw up. Then later after some 7up he threw up again. He slept most of the day and I checked on him continually. Poor guy. He hates being sick. His temperature got up to 102.9.

He ended up being in bed all weekend with this fever. He began complaining of a sore throat and earache. He's just been miserable. I feel so bad for him. He's been sleeping in my bedroom because it's cooler and more comfortable. Today we will take him to the doctor. It might be an ear infection or strep throat. I just hope he gets to feeling better soon. It's hard to see him down like this.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Time really flies!

Okay I started this thing and now I haven't been posting. It would be such a great way to record all the cute and interesting things the kids say! Right now I'm trying to think of them and even though this past week they each had very interesting conversations with me - I can't remember any of them. Hmmmm..... I guess that is what happens when you're running up on 50. Yikes! Well, not for two years, but now with the way time flies in my life that will seem like a few weeks!

I really hate having allergies. I think I am going to have to break down and go to the doctor. I HATE taking medications. I don't like the side effects. I never used to be like that but the older I get the more I don't like it. I never know how I am going to feel. I often wake up with a sore throat, stuffy and runny nose and digestive problems. Sometime I am just so incredibly tired. It's weird. And right when I am feeling better it hits me again! But I've heard that there's a shot you can get twice a year that has helped others so maybe I'll go to the doctor.

It's officially Ladybug Season! Jussara let me know yesterday. The ladybugs have arrived.The girls went out into the greenbelt with some gladwear (with appropriately poked holes in the lid) to catch some. I soon came out with my camera and camcorder. And after awhile another posse came over the hill with their gladware looking for ladybugs. So I guess it really is ladybug season! It was a beautiful day today. It is just right in Phoenix right now. That's always scary because you know the 100 degree days are just around the corner. Alas, I must live in the moment and enjoy the days without fear of the future or I will be wasting today! Like I said time really flies these days! : )

Friday, March 18, 2005

Joe Cocker

So Tuesday we went to see Joe Cocker at the Celebrity Theater. Clyde had never been to the Celebrity Theater and I had only been once with one of the children on a fieldtrip to see "Cinderella" several years ago. It is a theater-in-the-round. The stage is in the middle and it slowly rotates throughout the concert. It is an intimate setting and there really isn't a bad seat in the house.

Kari and Del were supposed to meet us at at 7 p.m. at Josh's house (Del's nephew) because he lives near us. Right when we were getting into the van, Kari calls us to tell us that they were having electrical problems with one of the BMW's they just bought and they were going to have to take the other BMW and that they were just leaving. Well, they are about 20 minutes away so we decide to go head on over to Josh's. On the way I had a thought that I should call Del to make sure he had the tickets. So I call Kari's phone and Del answers and I ask him if he has the tickets and he starts laughing and says we are going back to get them right now. And so I laugh, thinking he's joking. He says no I'm serious. We have to go back and get them. Kari got me distracted when I was trying to fix the window and I forgot them. So he suggests we just meet at the theater.

So we get there and have to park in an adjacent lot. We walk through the gravel all the way over to the door and when we get to the front of the line, the guy checks my purse for a camera. I, of course, have my little digital camera in there and he tells me you have to take it back to your car, you can't bring it in. I'm like, oh no! So I asked if I could just give him my batteries. Which he let me do. Thank goodness!

So Joe ended up being great and we were in really good seats. Kari, Del and Josh were in the 3rd row and we were right behind them in the 4th row. Just far enough away to avoid the spit. We had a lot of fun. It was amazing to see him up so close. I have a new appreciation for Joe Cocker! I'm glad we went!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.


Well, since blogs are one of the top trends of 2004, I've finally decided to take the plunge. I first heard about blogs a few years ago. Maybe it was through "The Real World" and visiting some of the New Orlean's cast's websites. I am not really sure exactly how I first came to know about them, but I have enjoyed reading differents blogs from time to time over the past several years.

What is this phenomenon about anyway? I guess it goes back to the old soapbox and the need to be heard. I don't really know. Nevertheless I have now taken the plunge.

I'm not really sure exactly what I'll be sharing, but I do like to journal and I am pretty opinionated so it should come pretty naturally. I guess we'll see as we go along.

So on with the blogging.......