Wednesday, June 29, 2005

This & That!

Shout out to my good friend Kari, who just got out of the hospital yesterday after spending a couple days getting tests. She was rushed to the hospital is intense pain on Sunday night. She had her gall bladder out almost two years ago and she has had some complications from that. Anyway, they don't want her eating anything acidic for a month and then they'll do more tests. Poor Kari, she loves cooking and sauces and tomatoes and lemons and limes. But I know she can do it! You go girl!!

So I can't believe that it is already the end of June! Wow! Just six more weeks until school starts. It's actually going pretty fast. Jussara is already talking about how she is looking forward to it and they are all looking forward to getting new clothes! Yikes! LOL! Outfitting four kids for school is not cheap, but it is fun!

I am looking forward to heading to San Diego for a few days in July. We all need a break! Especially Clyde! He is working so hard and rarely gets any time away! I really need to make some reservations! Better get on that!

I've been working a little more on my kits. I've got to go ahead and settle on a host for my website. I hope to post my kit here soon just to see if there's any interest in it! Now I'm all paranoid that no one is going to be interested or want it! : ( Hope I'm wrong!



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