Thursday, May 05, 2005

Update on Cameron

Cameron ended up being out of school for an entire week. Poor guy! On Monday the doctor said he didn't have an ear infection but he did have pink eye (which I knew because his left eye was very red). So we got medicine for that. But by Wednesday he was still in great pain and Wednesday night his ear was killing him. So we took him back to the doctor and THEN he says he has an ear infection. It's been so long since any of our kids has had an ear infection, but I just knew that he had one. Mother's intuition. I just don't get doctors sometimes.

After we got the $79.00 prescription for Augmentin filled and Cameron started on it, he was better by the next morning. He was gaunt and sunken-eyed from the whole ordeal and had lost weight, which he really cannot afford. But by the weekend he was back to his onery self.

Of course as soon as Cameron started feeling better, Greyson started getting sick. His was just this incessant cough. So we took him to the doctor and got a good cough medicine. He missed two days of school but was able to start back yesterday.

There's nothing worse than having your children sick. It's so hard to see them suffer. And now that they are older, they just keep asking "why do I have to be sick?" Both Cameron and Greyson asked me the same thing. I'm just glad they are starting to feel better. I've talked to several other moms and they have said the same thing. This flu is lasting at least a week. And the kids are losing weight. It just goes from one to another in the household. I hope it stops with Grey.