Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cable TV Shows

So I really like "Burn Notice" on USA network. It's kind of like MacGyver meets that guy Bruce Willis played in Moonlighting meets Jessica from Murder She Wrote. I realize the outdated references reveals my age-range, but I can't really think of another show like this. But I like it. It's set in Miami, which is nice because I love tropical settings. New season starts Thursday. I love the humor. Fun show

I also like "The Closer" with Kyra Sedgewick. It's starting new episodes for the summer too. I'm surprised at how many of these regular cable shows I like. I was working full-time and didn't have time to even watch the news, which I hated. I like to stay informed. I tivo ABC World News Tonight, for goodness' sake. Still miss Peter Jennings. I grew up watching television. I make no apologies for it.

Still have to make sure I am creating some kind of art every day and organizing! Which are a couple of my goals for the summer.