Monday, April 25, 2005

It's no fun being sick!

It's Monday morning and it's been a long weekend for Cameron. He was fine on Thursday night. He was making plans for the weekend and seemed to be asking every 20 minutes if he would be able to go to a friend's house or to the mall or something. But Friday morning, when I made sausage and eggs and he didn't want to eat, I mistakenly thought he was mad about something. Poor Cameron, whenever something is wrong or he is upset it always "looks" like anger.

When pressed about not eating, he said he wasn't feeling well. But he got ready for school and never mentioned staying home. I took the kids to school and right as they were getting out of the van I had Cameron lean over and I felt his forehead. He did seem warm. So I told him if he wasn't feeling better to go to the nurse and if he had a fever, she would call me to come get him.

Well I hadn't been home more that 40 minutes when I got the call from the nurse that he had a low-grade temp. I said I'd be right over. When I went into the nurse's office to pick him up, he was trying to explain to the nurse why he didn't want to come home. He had PE that afternoon and he didn't want to miss it. We both explained he would be better off at home. There would be more PE classes.

I got him home and gave him some cold medicine and he laid down in his bed with a bowl and proceeded to throw up. Then later after some 7up he threw up again. He slept most of the day and I checked on him continually. Poor guy. He hates being sick. His temperature got up to 102.9.

He ended up being in bed all weekend with this fever. He began complaining of a sore throat and earache. He's just been miserable. I feel so bad for him. He's been sleeping in my bedroom because it's cooler and more comfortable. Today we will take him to the doctor. It might be an ear infection or strep throat. I just hope he gets to feeling better soon. It's hard to see him down like this.