Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Starting a Website

So I'm discovering how intimidating it can be to start your own website. Yikes! I am so thankful for Twopeas and the wealth of information that is shared on a daily basis. So nice to have an internet home where I can go and know that I will find answers to just about any question I could imagine!

I did get my domain names registered! I am very excited about that! Now I need to find hosting. I've been told that lunarpages is a good choice (thanks Holly) so I have been checking them out, but of course I feel kinda lost. Naturally I posted a question to the digitial board at 2Peas, so hopefully tomorrow I will get some helpful info! : ) I'm just not sure what size of website I should get and what kind of 'shopping cart' I should look into. I know one comes with lunarpages but I don't know if it is the best choice. I guess I could just dive in and find my way as I go, but I'd hate to make some huge mistake and regret it later. Ahh.... At the rate I'm going I'll be lucky if I'm 'live' (I think that's how you put it) by the end of the year! Gosh! I hope not! But it is a whole lot to learn. I've done a little html about six years ago for a pta website and I remember how long that puppy took me! LOL!!!

Well, we live and learn, eh? Plus there's the designing of the kits I need to get on with! Now THAT I enjoy!! I hope that I can bring something a little unique to the table. But who knows?! We'll see! Better get to work!!!

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