Friday, June 24, 2005

Dance Recital

So last night was dress rehearsal for Cameron's recital. This is our first year and wow! I had no idea! Cameron didn't want me to stay but I ran into my friend Missy when I was dropping him off, so I ended up staying for the whole thing. Cameron was pretty bummed out when he found out because he wanted me to see it with everyone else tonight, but I think he got over it! It will be a surprise for the other four members of our family! It was really great and I can't wait to see it again tonight and tomorrow night!

I was soo grateful that my friend Missy took some pics of Cameron at the dress rehearsal! He didn't want me to stay and that was the only time I could have gotten photos of his performance! Thanks Missy!

This all started for us last year when Cameron went to see his friend Hunter's dance recital. Cameron loves dancing. He was already dancing at home all the time. He could do all the Usher moves to all his videos. So he asked if he could take breakdancing and hip-hop classes. So we enrolled him and he loved it! I think he would like to do company but he doesn't want to take ballet - it just isn't Cameron. So, we'll see.

I have a feeling when Jaiden sees the recital tonight and all the pretty dresses and tutus, she will want to take dance next year. She's always loved to dance and would move her head up and down to the music on commercials before she could sit up on her own. Now that she's six I think she should be in classes. We'll see what she thinks tonight.

I remember my recitals - now so many years ago. Modern Dance. Every time I see Bing Crosby's White Christmas where Danny Kaye does the modern dance number with everyone in the black leotards and Danny wearing a beret it makes me think of my dance classes. I remember one recital costume stood out because I felt like a princess. It was all frilly in these beautiful colors and we wore those tall pointed hats with the tulle or chiffon or something beautiful floating out of the top. It was magical. I remember being nervous and being up on stage in front of everyone - but boy was it exhilarating! Wow! And I was probably about Jaiden's age when I started. Jussara might even want to do it, but when we had her in dance several years ago, she quit because her friend quit. I shouldn't have let her but the teacher wasn't nice anyway and didn't have any patience and she just did not want to go any more. I guess we'll see about her too.

I've been researching the website stuff and it is pretty complicated. I should spend some time designing since I enjoy that so much! My friends at TwoPeas have been so helpful - I would just be lost without them! I so appreciate the time they take to help. I just hope that I can pull this off. I don't want to lose all my time working on the website and not getting to design! Maybe it won't be so bad after I get it set up! We'll see! Well, gotta take in Cameron's pants!


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