Monday, June 13, 2005


Anyone remember the "big-eyed" kids from the sixties? I had these two big framed paintings that my Aunt Ginger and my Uncle Ronnie brought me from Mexico. They were painted on black velvet and one was a girl and one was a boy. They had green outfits on. Their eyes were huge.

Anyway, I've been seeing these avatars all over the place that remind me of those. They are really cute and lots of people have them. So I decided to try my hand at drawing me! LOL! I drew a big round face and I took my current avatar and traced my lips and hair. I had to make my hair a little longer because that photo is over a year old. After fiddling for two days and a bunch of tweaking I now have a new avatar. It was so much fun to do! It's not as good as a lot that I've seen, but it'll do for me!

I love Adobe Illustrator! I drew most of it in Illustrator and then did a lot of the tweaking in Photoshop. They are such great programs. I really want to start designing fonts. I've wanted to do this for so long. Illustrator takes my scratchy little drawings and just smooths them out sooo wonderfully. I almost feel like an artist! Ha Ha!!!

I've always had a DESIRE to be an 'artist' but I've been more of a 'crafter' you know? I've always had the creative urge within me. After college I always considered myself a graphic 'designer' rather than a graphic 'artist' but Illustrator and Photoshop are so awesome that they take me farther than I ever thought I'd get on the 'artistic' end! LOL! And I am really only scratching the surface on them! I know they can do sooo much more! There's always so much more to learn with them!

Thank goodness my wonderful DH is being so understanding about the time I've been spending designing lately. He has been soooo supportive and I am so thankful for that! He works so hard to support our big ole family of six! I can't believe what a hard worker he is and it would be so wonderful if I could pull in a little extra income to supplement!

It's a really scary thing for me to actually start designing digital kits! You know, kinda putting yourself out there! What if nobody likes them? What if someone starts a thread making fun of or being critical of my designs? Or me? It could happen! Oh well, I guess that's the chance you take!

I am very excited about some of the papers I've been doing though and I really would LOVE to see what scrapbookers would do with them! THAT would be a very exciting thing so I'm just going to concentrate on that and not worry about anything else!

I am actually pretty intimidated about trying to start a website with downloads and stuff! I don't even know how to zip a file! The great thing is that there are so many helpful peas that are more than willing to share their knowledge that I know I can always ask for help! I'm just not a really FAST worker, so between designing kits and working on (and learning how to) design and run a website I have a feeling it will take a long time! Maybe I should get to work! Hee Hee!!!!


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