Friday, June 10, 2005

Jussara's Birthday

Well, Juju finally talked us into a "Castles N Coasters" birthday party. Yesterday she turned 11! So we took the whole family plus six of her girlfriends to the amusement park. She's wanted to go for the past few years but I was always hesitant because it can be pretty hot in June in Phoenix. We gave in this year and it was a good year to do it because it was a really nice day. There was a really nice breeze all day. It was only in the mid-90s. They rode the rides for four hours and then we had 45 minutes in the party room. She got lots of nice stuff and all the girls really had a lot of fun. Jaiden rode the kiddie rides and Clyde took her on the bumper boats. Greyson and Cameron went off on their own and rode rides. Everyone had a reate time. I was exhausted after it was all over. Samantha stayed all night. It was a good day. Ahhhhh.....

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