Monday, June 13, 2005

Who am I talking to here?

Okay, this is the funny thing. Here I am typing into this blog on and off for a few months now and I haven't told anyone about it. So it's wierd to be talking to myself like this. In fact I just changed the name from Notes to Myself to An Inside Look! LOL!!!

I've been tempted to post on some of the TwoPeas threads asking for blogs, but haven't had the guts! What a chicken I am! LOL!!

Well, tomorrow is my birthday! Wow! Time sure flies! I can't believe I'll be 48! I remember almost 20 years ago when my aunt turned 50! Wow! It's sure is different when it happens to you! And it sure came around faster than I anticipated and the years just go faster and faster! It's truly amazing! I keep telling myself I'm going to get into shape before I turn 50! Well, I'd better get on it because it will probably take me that long! SOOOO many things to do every day, so little time, right?

Maybe in honor of my birthday I'll come out of my blogging closet!!! Tee Hee!

Off to post at twopeas!

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