Saturday, July 02, 2005

Been a few days

Working hard on my website. Got my domain names registered at godaddy and decided on for hosting. Thank you to all the gals on Twopeas! Your vast reservoir of knowledge and your willingness to help others so freely have helped me immensely! I don't know what I'd do without such incredible resources!

So I tried changing the name servers on godaddy, but must have done something wrong cause it's been 3 days and it's only supposed to take no more than 48 hours. I tried it again today and I think (hope) it might've worked this time.

I have been battling some kind of cold or allergies or something. No fun. Stuffy, runny nose, sore throat. Yuk! Drains my energy - that's for sure.

Warning: Vent on Tom ahead!

So War of the Worlds was Tom's best opening day. I guess most people aren't as irritatedt with him as I. I've heard it's a good movie, but Clyde said he heard it was very violent. I do like Steven Speilberg and I love science fiction so I really would like to see it, but I'm just not in the mood to support Tom right now. He may even have some valid points worth discussion but his ATTITUDE is do condescending and arrogant that I am just really turned off. I mean, he's an ACTOR for goodness sakes! His ego has gotten as big as Oprah's and I've been kind of over her for quite a while now.

Warning: Vent on Oprah ahead!

I had some issues when she first started her magazine and she put herself (and only herself) on the cover of her magazine every month, year after year. But when she had this hoity toity "Legends" ball to honor all the important and notable black women on the planet, where it was mandatory that you had to wear ONLY black and white, and OPRAH wore a LIPSTICK RED ball gown - well, that was it for me. I know that's a run-on sentence but I had to get it all out in one 'breath'. So the whole Hermes thing was just another straw on the broken camel's back for me. I know the whole story isn't out yet, and I'm sure Oprah will dedicate an entire show to it to tell her side of the story and maybe I'm being premature and judgemental and I guess I am unfamiliar with a world where you EXPECT stores to just cater to your every whim and reopen 15 minutes after they've closed - but MAN! ( I know, another run-on - please forgive me.) Come on! She's a TALK-SHOW host for goodness sakes!

I hope I'm not being too judgemental or controversial, but I just felt the need to vent. I think it's hormonal. I am craving salt and sugar and breaking out on my face. I even have one on the back of my neck! Yuk! Hope that's not too much information! I'm emotional and just kind of I don't know - depressed - a bit. That's the thing with PMS - even though I know that is what I'm going though, I can't seem to deal with my emotions logically. I can't really stop my feelings. Then when my hormones go back to nornal I go back to my upbeat, positive, optimistic attitude. Wierd, really.

There was this great article about PMS in Women's Health magazine. The author said some of her best decisions have come during 'Aunt Flo's" visits. She broke up with a guy when she was in a bad relationship, she quit a a bad job and moved on to a better one.. I guess I've never thought about the ways PMS could be a good thing, but I know that I've gotten the gumption to do and say a bunch of stuff that needed to be done or said simply because I was all riled up on hormones! Of course there have been times I've over-reacted to situations too. Maybe I just need to look into some kind of hormonal cream or something.: )

My dilemma on 4th of July. First of all I grew up in Missouri, when it starts to cool off when the sun goes dowm and where everyone is outside shooting off fireworks or laying on a blanket watching a town firework display. I now live in Phoenix where it is still well over 100 degrees after 10:00 p.m. It has never been appealing to me to drive 45 minutes to one of the local firework displays, try to find a parking space and sit in 100 degree weather waiting for the fireworks only to fight the crowds getting out. I know - Scrooge - bah, humbug. Well the other thing is that I always had a small child that didn't really like the percussion of the explosions. Now, they are all pretty much old enough to not be afraid anymore. Maybe we'll try the one at Phoenix First Assembly. We've been there before. It's pretty close. Maybe it won't be too bad.

The other thing is that my father died on July 1, 1975. So since that time it's been hard for me to be in a celebratory mood at this time of year. Hard to believe he's been gone for 30 years. Such a great man, so honorable and so much integrity. I wish I had had more time with him. I have so many qestions I've needed to ask him over the years. I had just turned 18 when he died. So thankful I had those 18 years with him. I miss him so much.

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Gina Rae said...

Hi Susie! Good luck on your store..... I should try to start mine up again. Ugh! Anyway, I was laughing at your Tom & Oprha vents! I am TOTALLY with you! Even if I wanted to see Tom's new movie, I do not wish to support his insanity in any way, shape or form right now. And Oprah? I just don't see her side of this story. The store was CLOSED. Why should it have been re-opened? Where is the tradgedy here? LOL Ok sorry to rant in your blog, but I have been po-ed by these two things too lately! Hey, you may have just given me stuff to Blog about tomorrow! Gina :) (ScrapHappyMe!)