Sunday, July 03, 2005

Thanks Missy!

So here's one of the pics Missy took of Cameron at his dress rehearsal. He's the one dressed in black in the center. Thanks to Missy I have photos of his first performance! Thanks Missy! I can't wait to see the portrait pics we get in August! I'm still trying to talk Cameron into company but he really doesn't want to do ballet. I haven't convinced him that it is really good for improving balance and that coaches sometimes make their football players take ballet. I guess we'll see.

So I'm still working on my website. I'm trying to design my header and I thought I could get by using the design templates in the Webbuilder program at lunarpages, but I can't find one that is simple enough and I'm afraid I'm going to have to attempt to design the whole thing myself - yikes! Daunting task! The design isn't the problem but the other technical web stuff that goes along with it! Ah well, such is life, right? So here's the header I'm working on a the moment. I want something simple. I still haven't come up with the right tag line, though. I want something about postmodern or retro or something. If ya have any ideas, please share! Thanks!

{{Update : Well, I had the header uploaded right here, but Jussara thought that I should wait and uveil it when the website is launched so I guess I'll have to go with her idea.}}

I guess I'll try and work on some more papers for my digital kits. I am really nervous and I hope that someone will like them. Yikes! Okay back to work!


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