Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Big Brother Six

So Big Brother Six starts Thursday. I know that most people (including my husband) think these reality shows are a bunch of hooey, but I'm coming clean. I confess to getting caught up in the storylines of some of them. Not all, mind you. But some. Okay so I've watched it every year.

Not always three nights a week, mostly just the live Thurday shows where someone gets evicted. And okay well, an occasional live feed from time to time. Okay, I usually watch most of the episodes and depending on what's going on at the time I might be watching the live feed or reading Joker's Updates - where viewers constantly report on all the goings on via a minute by minute posts. Yeah, I know... no wonder I need to lose weight. ::::sigh::::

Anyhoo, they are calling it "The summer of secrets". I've read that one of the "twists" this year is that each of the houseguests is secretly paired up with another houseguest and if they keep the secret to the end and they are the last two houseguests, then the winner gets a million instead of the usual $500,000 and the runner-up gets $250,000 instead of the usual $50,000. Each secret team was told that they are the only secret team. Oh and they tore down the house from the first five seasons and have built a new two-story one on a CBS set.

If you're interested you can read about the details here. This will be the first year that I've had Tivo! So it will definitely be easier this year! I'll be tivoing it to watch at my leisure. Yeah, right - all my leisure while I'm trying to wrap my head around this website I'm designing. Haa!

I have started crocheting an afghan and I've been trying to do a little bit at night while I'm watching my tivoed shows before I fall asleep. I started three weeks ago (right after my birthday) and it's coming right along. I timed myself and it takes about 20 minutes for me to do one row. I figure it will take about 30 hours of work to complete it. I'd like to do one for each of the kids for Christmas, but we'll see. Ahem...

Today I've been working on putting my first kit into its "packaging". I still have some things to add, but I wanted to kind of get an idea about how it would look. I used all the papers and I finally had something I could show to Clyde and the kids and say "okay, here's what it will look like online." They like it! I was so glad! It kind of gave me a feeling of accomplishment to see it all put together - well, part of it put together at least. LOL! Can't wait to get it all done and get the website up and running and (hopefully) see someone make a page out of it. That would be a wonderful thing! :)

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