Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Fun Stuff!

So a couple of weeks ago I took the girls shopping and we got some fun crafty stuff to keep us busy creating this summer. We got some knitting looms, crochet hooks, knitting needles and some idea books along with a variety of yarns. And then we got to it! I haven't crocheted or knitted in a long time, so it's been really fun to get back to it. I've made rasta tams, scarves, caps and now I am experimenting with designing and creating a belted shrug without a pattern. Jussara has made several caps and Jaiden is still getting the hang of the loom.
I made my first afghan about 30 years ago in the late 70s. I still have it. It's actually back in style because of the whole retro thing. It is a ripple afghan in the classic 70s colors of yellows, oranges, rusts and brown. I love it with all of it's wear and tear, and it's held up so well. I used it about 15 years ago to cover the back seat of an old car I was driving and the Arizona sun really faded one side of it, but it just added to its character as far as I was concerned.

So Jussara shared with me that she really wants me to make her an afghan. She said she will be going away to college in a few years and she wants to have one. She said I should make one for each of the kids, so I think I would love to try and do that for them for Christmas. It's ambitious, but maybe I'll be able to pull it off. We'll give it a go. : ) If not, I can give it to them for their birthdays over the next year.

I've also found a lot of fun things on the internet that I would like to share!

I've discovered Japanese Bento Boxes and I would love to get a cute Bento box and try to make Jaiden some really fun lunches to take to school this fall, maybe once or twice a week. I guess they can be pretty time consuming so I don't think I could pull it off every day, but they really look so cute I'd like to try my hand at it at least.

These are examples of some Bento boxes.
And some more lunch ideas. You can find several Bento groups by searching Flickr.

I mean how much more would you want to eat your vegetables if they came with a cute presentation like these?

I also got some embroidery thread and a hoop and I want to create some of my own retro-inspired designs on tea towels and aprons. The girls and I have talkd about opening our own
Etsy shop and filling it with original designs of all the things we love. We hope to have enough items to open it in a couple of months. We love to create fun items, and it would be great to have some extra income for Christmas.
Here's a great place to get retro-inspired embroidery patterns.

I LOVE these! It really isn't your grandmother's embroidery patterns! They are funky and cute!
It does the heart good to create something with your hands and your mind. It's soothing and brings so much joy. I guess I'll get back to crocheting. Happy crafting!
Still missing Michael. Gone too soon.

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